The URL with Phred Show Studio

The URL with Phred Show on Your Head Noggin Game

PC arcade game
Installation required
Adobe Flash Player

The URL with Phred Show Studio was a videogame available on in 2002. It was based on The URL with Phred Show.

Characters Present


Inside of the game itself were various activities starring Phred available to be played. A list, with descriptions, is available below.

  • Dress Phred: A dress-up game featuring outfits for Phred. Some submissions were featured on the show itself.
  • Chill & Chat with Phred: A mini-game where the player can "interact" with Phred, who says pre-recorded phrases.
  • Phred Needs You: Information on how to submit your own work to Phred.
  • E-Mail Phred: A feature where the player can send a message to Phred and get a response back.
  • Skengle Poll: A user poll featuring the characters Skengle and Skengle.
  • Phred on TV: Information about The URL with Phred Show.