Commercial 1 The URL with Phred Show on Your Head

First shown
Phred relation

The URL with Phred Show was less popular than its predecessor, Phred on Your Head Show, and only spawned two commercials (other advertisements featured scenes from the show, but were not solely about The URL with Phred Show).

The URL with Phred Show Promo on Your Head 2

The second commercial

Commercial 1

The first commercial stars Phred as he alarms viewers that he needs them to visit and submit their work so that it can be featured on his new Noggin TV show. The commercial ends with an announcer telling that the series will premiere on September 10, 2001.

Commercial 2

The second commercial consisted of the same content as the first one, but cut out the ending scene and replaced it with a similar one featuring the announcer stating that the series is on Noggin weekdays at 7 PM.