Sesame Workshop

Sesame Workshop Phred on Your Head Show Production

1968 (renamed in 2000)

Sesame Workshop (originally named the Children's Television Workshop) is a non-profit organization dedicated to entertainment. It was one of the two companies to start Noggin, along with Nickelodeon.

Noggin history

In 1995, the CTW made plans for an independent cable network to air its non-Sesame Street programs. The original name for this channel was "New Kid City." The Workshop abandoned the idea later on. During this time, Nickelodeon was planning a similar network to air its educational programming to be titled "Big Orange." Instead of discarding the concept, Nickelodeon continued to expand upon the idea by adapting the project to meet new requirements for educational programs. In 1998, Nick and the Children's Television Workshop formed a partnership and started to plan a joint venture between the two (originally a syndication package) called Noggin, after the slang term for "head" to reflect its purpose (to educate).

Noggin was launched on February 2, 1999. It was primarily aimed at pre-teens (with several programs for preschoolers) and introduced Phred as its mascot. For three years, original programs (Phred on Your Head Show and The URL with Phred Show) as well as older CTW series would air on the network. In 2002, low ratings caused the network to redesign itself and target preschoolers entirely. This ended Phred's time as mascot, introducing a short-lived mascot named Feetface. He would be replaced shortly after by Moose A. Moose and Zee D. Bird (who would continue to be Noggin's mascots until its end).

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