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Digital arcade games featuring Phred was a website available from 1999-2009 based on the Noggin television network. It was praised by many critics as it offered a wide variety of content.

The dot of is also the main residence of Phred in the series Phred on Your Head Show and The URL with Phred Show.


At the time of Phred, was divided into six main sections. A list, with descriptions, is available below.

  • Home: The homepage for the website, a directory for the rest of its webpages.
  • Nog It!: A directory for the site's videogames.
  • Phred: A link to The URL with Phred Show Studio, a complex online game based on Phred.
  • Watch: A videos section featuring Noggin programs, in addition to Nickelodeon shows like Allegra's Window.
  • Shout: A "Contact Us" section, allowing for feedback and comments.

Nog It!'s most popular feature was Nog It!, a collection of Noggin-based games. A list of games available at the time of Phred is available below.

  • Buzz Your Brain (Headbuzzers)
  • What's Your Birthday?
  • A Walk in Your Shoes
  • Nogginese
  • Noggimation Station
  • Nogginoids
  • What Sparks You?
  • Search the Web
  • Comic Machine
  • Bill Nye, Head Sparkologist
  • Skengle & Skengle Game


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